COVID-19 Resources

Been Exposed?

If you think you have been exposed to COVID-19, please select the below link to the Nebraska Health Department survey to better determine your risk and your next steps.

Nebraska Resources

Nebraska Health Network: Food Assistance Programs, Mental Health Assistance Plans, Behavioral Health Assistance programs, Legal Aid, Housing Assistance, and many more resources:

Local Hospital Resources

UNMC has developed a mobile screening application that will allow people concerned that they or a family member have COVID-19 to screen themselves. Based on the information the user provides, the screening app will issue a “low-risk”, “urgent-risk” or “emergency-risk” assessment and guide the user through possible steps based on that person’s individual needs. The app also allows the user to press a button and share the information with a health care provider, family member or employer, if he or she chooses.

Additional Resources

Long Covid Fact Sheet