CT Imaging

At Nebraska Pulmonary Specialties our goal is to provide excellent imaging service.

We are an American College of Radiology accredited facility.  This means we meet national standards for CT imaging.  We have a state of the art 64 slice CT scanner, professionally trained technologists with more than 14 years experience, together with 9 board certified Radiologists with a combined 96 years experience.

We are one of the largest groups of Pulmonologists in the state and as such our office specializes in imaging of the Chest.   We also perform CT’s of the Head and Neck to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of many respiratory conditions. 

When you have your CT scan the x-ray technologist will bring you back to the CT room.  Family members are asked to wait in the waiting room.  You will be positioned on the table and the technologist will explain the exam to you. 

The table will move you in and out of the tube (see picture) as an x-ray beam passes through your body at several different angles.  A computer then takes the data and forms it into “slices.”  These slices provide very detailed images of your body.  Sometimes a CT is ordered with contrast or x-ray dye. In order to administer this dye this an IV will be placed in your arm.  The dye may make you feel warm, almost like you have to go to the bathroom.  This is normal and will subside quickly.  These images help our physicians evaluate your disease process and assess in your treatment.

If you have any questions regarding a CT, please contact our office.