We are offering a telehealth option when appropriate for those who prefer it. The health and well-being of our patients and staff is our #1 priority. We would still like to see you via “video conference”. We will be using for our “video conferencing”.

You have the right to refuse telehealth without affecting your right to future care. All existing confidentiality protections shall apply to the service being provided by telehealth. Sharing of any patient identifiable images or information from the telehealth visit to researchers or other individuals will not occur without your consent.

When you are scheduled for a telehealth appointment in our office, below is helpful information for your appointment.

Doxy.Me Info

*Please contact our office if you have any questions or issues: By Phone at (402)483 8600 or via your Patient Portal Account.


Smart Phone Required

You Must have: Smart phone or other device with camera & microphone. Tablet, Laptop, or Desktop computer with email access will also work.

Text Notifications

You will receive a text or email with a link FROM YOUR PROVIDER for the appointment. See photos for email and text confirmation examples:

Expect Call From Clinical Staff

You should expect a call from a member of the clinical staff to update the information in your chart prior to your appointment. It could be:

  • Earlier the same day
  • The day before

Phone call From Generic Phone Number

The call from our clinical staff may come from a generic number on caller ID so please be prepared to answer if you get a call.

Text/Email 30 Minutes Before Appointment

You should expect the text/email with the appointment link up to 30 minutes prior to their scheduled appt time. (If it will be sooner, the LPN/CMA should notify you)


Allow Video & Audio

(you will be prompted to do so)


Type your FIRST & LAST

Type your FIRST & LAST name in when prompted and “Check In”:


Provider will start the appt